CREATIVE & Fashionable Force for Good

Bryant Draper: A CREATIVE & Fashionable Force for Good

By Bonnie Nipar | December 1, 2020

Bryant Draper: A creative & Fashionable Force for Good

The work of a costume designer exemplifies the transformative power of clothing. And just as a costume magically renders an actor into a character, clothing’s impact resonates in daily life, where being well-dressed can build confidence and raise self-esteem. This philosophy is integral to Inherent Clothier, a custom menswear line whose mission is to inspire authentic self-expression while bolstering men’s mental health. Costume designer Janie Bryant has joined forces with Inherent Clothier CEO Taylor Draper to co-design Bryant Draper, a new capsule collection. “I have always felt that dressing well can be a form of wellness and can impact well-being,” explains Bryant. “The work that Taylor Draper is doing with Inherent Clothier is something I really admire.”

“I first moved to New York to be a fashion designer,” discloses Bryant. “I had no concept of costume design as a profession until a Christmas party where fate-would have- it, I met costume designer Alexandra Welker. After our two-hour conversation, I knew costume design was what I wanted to do. That party and that meeting changed my life.”

Working on 7th Avenue in Manhattan, she met New York’s fashion-influencer milieu, including many people in entertainment. She networked those connections to get jobs, taking whatever came her way, and soon moved to Los Angeles to be in the industry’s hub. As an Emmy Award-winning costume designer for HBO’s Deadwood, and four-time nominee for AMC’s Mad Men, Bryant’s shows spawned fashion collaborations. In the 15 years since she has demonstrated her forte in both costume and fashion design.

Bryant’s pandemic plans for a lakeside sojourn at home in Tennessee were interrupted when she learned about Inherent Clothier from Linda Kearns, her branding representative at Matchbook Company. As luck would have it, Taylor Draper is a huge Mad Men fan, and they clicked. Their vintage-inspired, mix-and-match line includes formalwear, suits, sport coats, shirts, belts, and shoes, in masculine, earthy colors that inspire confidence. In a subtle nod to serenity and wellness, the suit linings are custom-printed landscapes of mountains and water. The partners are on the same page every step of the way, agreeing that quality of construction and fit is everything. Although the Bryant Draper line is a sized collection, Inherent Clothier is a bespoke company, insuring a perfect fit via Zoom consultation. “Mental health and awareness is an ongoing issue in our society, and bringing these issues to light is crucial, particularly in today’s difficult time,” Bryant says. Their hope is that the accessible luxury of Bryant Draper will help men lead healthier lives.


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