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Statement From IATSE President

Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Kin,

We’ve been bargaining since May 2021 but the producers believe they have done enough and refuse to answer our latest proposal.

Although some progress had been made, the producers have not responded to our core priorities in any meaningful way. We are holding a strike authorization vote in order to show them that we are united in our convictions and further improvements in our compensation and working conditions are necessary.

Why haven’t the producers replied to our demands? Because there’s no good argument for not giving workers rest and meal breaks. There’s no good argument for asking people to work full time without providing them with enough compensation to make ends meet. They cannot claim with a straight face that New Media is still “new.”

Our members deserve respect. Not just because we are the most talented, creative technicians and artisans in the world, but because we are human beings with basic human needs. We require breaks during the workday, sleep, food, a safe trip home and a little time with family or away from the job.

The demands of the industry must be balanced with the health and wellness of its members. The changes we seek are modest and manageable. What we seek is simply fairness.

We must now show that we are unified with a vision toward a better life for our members; that the basic things we demand are well-deserved rights to which all workers are entitled. Stability in the industry stems from a fair contract that respects our workers. Period.

I urge you in the strongest possible terms to vote YES on the strike authorization. Stand together. We are strong.

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In Solidarity,
Matthew D. Loeb
IATSE International President

When I hear what does my union do for me I always reply what do you do for your union Union are only as strong as their members and the effort they put forth
-Brigitta Romanov