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Happiest Season

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The Romanoffs

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Water for Elephants

Board Officers


Salvador Perez

Vice President

Catherine Adair


Ivy Thaide


Nanrose Buchman

Board Members

Christopher Lawrence

Julie Weiss

Kristin Burke

Terry Gordon

Phillip Boutte (Costume Illustrator Representative)

David Matwijkow (Asst. Costume Designer Representative)

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Mary Vogt

Carol Ramsey

Nancy Steiner

Michelle Cole

Board of Trustees

Jacqueline Saint Anne

Cliff Chally

Barbara Inglehart

Dorothy Amos


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Ivy Thaide

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Jacqueline Saint Anne

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Joseph Porro

Mikael Sharafyan

CDG Office Executives & Associates

Executive Director

Rachael M. Stanley

Assistant Executive Director

Brigitta Romanov

Member Services Administrator

Suzanne Huntington

Communications Director

Anna Wyckoff

Marketing & Events Director

Deme Stavrakas

Upcoming Events
April 13th 9:00PM Winners Announced
at the 23rd CDGA
April 18th 5:00 – 8:00pm 93rd Academy Awards
A Costume Designer transforms the words of the script into visual imagery and creates the look of a character